foil stamped cards.

02 April 2013 in Work

I recently made foil stamped business cards.Originally I found this paper from Haguruma, where i buy envelopes and paper.I liked the texture of the paper and the subtle…

iphone5 case!

21 November 2012 in Work

in 2012,one of my exciting work was iphone iphone5 case is available with my can see all my collection here.they are available worldwide.yay!    

new design owl.

08 August 2012 in Work

hello!   hows your summer?   i have asked few times for owl design from my lovely customers before. so i designed it finally. what do you think?…

gauze fabric.

25 July 2012 in Work

i just received two bolts of quadruple gauze fabric. yay! thanks emi-san. :)   this fabric is one of my favorite fabric to use and print on. they…


12 July 2012 in Work

i made the little PataPri catalog book. Thursday, July 12, 2012

summer dress.

11 July 2012 in Work

hello, rainy season is ending and summer is here in japan. its hot and humid and pure hell. last few days i was making summer dresses for girls.…

thank you for coming!

17 May 2012 in Work

hello! how are you doing? hayama art festival finished last sunday. thank you all for coming to my open studio and workshop. total of more than 60 people…

Hayama Art Festival.

29 April 2012 in Work

hayama art festival has started yesterday!   it's a unique festival that local artists, shops are opening up their place to public doing exhibit, workshop, music shows, selling…


21 June 2011 in Work

remember me? sorry for long absent from blog... im doing great, and my motivation came back finally! :p i have printed many baby blankets last few week, and…

PataPri is back!

29 October 2010 in Work

hello,thank you so much for shop on etsy is finally shipping until end of november, so please shop! :)im very excited to use imabari towels for…

new baby blankets!

12 June 2010 in Work

i made baby blankets with a gauze fabric. the material is so soft, and perfect for baby. Saturday, June 12, 2010

new bedding!

13 May 2010 in Work

i finished 2 set of twin size duvet covers and pillow covers!i was gonna wait till i finish queen size one, but i couldnt wait to show them…

paper & wood.

12 May 2010 in Work

this is a memopad! iprinted on newsprint paper with 4 designs & 4 colors. 240memos on the cherry wood block.they are bundled together by the iron like?i…

nice to meet you too

30 April 2010 in Work

yay!i just received my copy.victionary always does an amazing work!I personally love their book cover design.they use a special print effectively and very well.this time they use vinyl…

embroidery on the bag.

26 April 2010 in Work

i wanted a big messenger bag that i can put all my stuff in it.and i found a perfect simple bag on j.crew.( i dont see it amy…

new stuff.

25 April 2010 in Work

hello, yesterday, i spend a day at earthen place cafe doing a craft show.the place is so beautiful and nice! look at the view! i forgot to take…

bath towels.

01 April 2010 in Work

i printed on size of bath towels with new design fish.i wanted to design to look fine from every direction, so i created fish facing each direction.this towels…

a little shop sign.

31 March 2010 in Work

hello, i started doing embroidery again!ive been thinking about how i can use these cute beads into embroidery piece, but the idea doesnt hit me yet, so while…

Hello from Imabari-city.

26 March 2010 in Work

hello,i had an amazing time in imabari-city! what's so special about imabari-city?imabari-city is known for making best towels in japan for last 100 years.i didn't know about it…

Mizuhiki & Wrapping papers.

03 March 2010 in Work

i wanted to make my own wrapping paper when i do gift wrap towels.and i found beautiful paper that printable with inkjet printer. the paper feels like washi(japanese…

Print & Pattern Book!

26 February 2010 in Work

i just received copy of my "print&pattern" book by bowie style!i couldnt wait till amazon japan stock it, so i ordered it from amazon UK, took only 3…


17 February 2010 in Work

here is a new design from PataPri towel collection! my recent trip to nikkou (日光)inspired me to design mountain. mountain i saw there was blueish, but i printed…

new screenprinted stickers!

26 January 2010 in Work

the new screenprinted stickers!i like stationary, and i wanted to make something for PataPri.i have done cards, and posters, so now its a sticker time!its a limited of…

Happy Valentine's Day!

18 January 2010 in Work

happy valentines! new design and sweet home towels are available now. for limited time only, you will receive free cotton bag when you order set of 2, set…


12 January 2010 in Work

7 of my designs has included in the new book called " patterns " from maomao pumlication. yay! it's amazing to see my work in the book with…

more new stuff.

08 December 2009 in Work

i've been enjoying printing last few weeks.i just listed many more new stuff.i like these new aprons. take a look!PataPri happy holidays! Tuesday, December 08, 2009

PataPri Hand Towels.

28 November 2009 in Work

since i decided to print here (japan), i was looking and researching new fabrics to print on besides linen. i found the japanese hand towels which has 2…

my inks are here!

27 November 2009 in Work

finally, my inks arrived this week.i've been printing ever sine, so much fun! i realized how much i like doing new studio is working great, best part…

new business cards

06 November 2009 in Work

i just received my new business cards in mail! i've been waiting for it and i'm so happy with the result. while i was researching and thinking about…

Mr.Red and his friends.

09 December 2008 in Work

hello,ohh im so excited about this towels!it's a 10 colors design of mr. red and his friends.if you know screen print, you know how time consuming it is…

Pilsen Open House

29 September 2008 in Work

hello,Im relaxing at quiet home now after 3 days of open house.i want to say thank you so much for people who stopped by!it was a wonderful experience.…

my first embroidery.

24 August 2008 in Work

hello,i finished 2 of my first embroidery, and i enjoyed making them.i always thought embroidery is so beautiful, but i've never thought trying myself.but my friend at lillstreet,…

PataPri Paper.

18 July 2008 in Work

I have been thinking about doing paper products since last year, and I finally did it! ( I could be slow sometime... )Last few weeks, I have been…

how to card by gocco.

05 June 2008 in Work

last night, i printed how to cards with gocco. it came out really nice.a size 6 font even looks nice and sharp! gocco is so much fun!i really…

Sewing zipper is hard...

27 May 2008 in Work

yesterday, it was 80 degree, beautiful weather, and today was 50 and cold!so I stayed in and making a little pencil case and pouches using my scrap fabrics.…

door poster

30 April 2008 in Work

I had a extra time at studio last week, ( no fabrics to print! ) and I had to make prints for the printstitute. so I printed silkscreen…

screen process print cards.

22 April 2008 in Work

Last week, I was taking break from printing on fabrics, and I made cards for PataPri. They are silkscreen process print which I've never done.It was so fun,…

Linzie Hunter

09 April 2008 in Work

Last year I did collaboration work with wing aka inkdesigner, and I had such a fun experience, so when I was contacted by Linzie Hunter, I was like…

I'm addicted to screen print!

11 March 2008 in Work

my fabric guy didn't come through this time, and i didn't have fabrics to print, so i look around the apartment and grabbed my curtains to print.also another…

iro iro design

27 February 2008 in Work

I just printed custom order table cloth with iroiro design which is my early design.When I was printing a table cloth, I thought this would be nice for…

Happy Valentine's Day!

14 February 2008 in Work

Happy Valentine's day!I was printing and sewing crazy past week for these new pillows!I chose some of my favorite designs for my new pillow covers.They are 16 inchs…

sweet home..

29 January 2008 in Work

Hello,I wanted to make a something for Valentine's Day.When I think of love, it comes from home and family, so I designed this home full of love. Color…

new design, new stuff.

16 January 2008 in Work

Here are the new designs for towels.I also working on table cloth and table runners.I like elephant! They look like dancing.They will be in my etsy shop soon!…

Forest in the box

15 December 2007 in Work

Working with clay is hard! I have worked with many media, paper, woods, plaster, but clay is one of the media I have hard time with. no control…

a busy weekend!

06 November 2007 in Work

Last weekend was a busy weekend.I went to SOFA on Saturday. I was just amazed by beautiful works. There are so much to say about work i saw,…

Love for printmaking!

01 November 2007 in Work

Hello,You all know I love silkscreen printing, and now I am learning other printmaking such as etching, lithography, and relief printing. There are great printmaking classes at Harold…

new color & design

16 October 2007 in Work

I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since I made a new design, last one was door design i did back in August!! I don't know…

Ink designer + PataPri

05 October 2007 in Work

sneak peek of collaboration work with ink designer " Wing ".aren't they so cute? Friday, October 05, 2007

I've been doing..

01 October 2007 in Work

I haven't write blog lately. I love to read blogs, but writing blog is hard, I admire all the wonderful bloggers who updates daily, that's amazing!But I want…

new design!

13 August 2007 in Work

This is a new design, doors. A door is face of the house, room, and many more things, and there are so many kind, design, shape, color of…

Apple duvet cover + shams will be in PataPri shop next week!

28 July 2007 in Work

I love bedding, I have almost 10 duvet covers and shams sets (4 of them are handmade by me and others are from west elm, ikea, dwell etc...…

PataPri upcoming event!

11 July 2007 in Work

Hello,PataPri towels will be at Depart-ment at Pitchfork festival at Union Park this weekend!Pitchfork is music festival and Depart-ment will be there. De La Soul (love them!) will…

New design.

28 June 2007 in Work

I have been trying to make a new design every week, and this week I made a frog! I'm loving it!I had little extra time at studio today…

Etsy Love!

21 June 2007 in Work

I'm on their featured seller! Thursday, June 21, 2007

beautiful letterpress card.

08 June 2007 in Work

Letterpress, I love them! I always wanted to make something with letterpress, so I did. I designed a 4 color promo cards, half the size of a post…

Printing day.

07 June 2007 in Work

12 hours! I was in studio printing 12 hours straight.I printed for fabrics for custom orders. It's very different than printing for towels. Harder, way harder! but, end…


22 April 2007 in Work

Last weekend, I did Depart-ment. It was my first time ever doing craft fair kind a thing, and it was a great experience.Depart-ment is a little different from…


21 April 2007 in Work

I always wanted to make my own stamps at, I finally made one for PataPri. I will use it to ship my towels, fun!オリジナルの切手をオーダーしました。この切手をタオルを送るときに使う予定。届くの楽しみ!