My name is Yuko Uemura and I love to design and print.

In Chicago 2005 I had an opportunity to take a screen-printing class where I learned the many techniques, tools and science behind printing. 

I have a strong passion for design and wanted to do something practical with my ideas, so screen printing onto fabrics and paper was perfect! I really enjoyed sharing my creations with friends and family.

I was instantly hooked! 

I wanted to share with people around the world so two years later PataPri was launched 

After spending 15 years in Chicago In 2009  I decided to go back to my home country Japan. I live in a small town by the ocean named Akiya, Yokosuka where I continue production of the PataPri brand.

I design and print towels, pillows, duvet covers, gallery art, cards and more.

I hope you enjoy my many creations!